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Shower Timers and the Family

The Shower Manager helps make your house happy. If you have teens, you probably have experienced the frustration caused by your son or daughter taking excessively long showers. The lines for the bathroom, the high water and heating bills, the frayed nerves and the tardy slips. Will it ever end?

The NEW solution to this common problem is a hi-tech blend between a shower timer and a flow regulator. As you might of guessed by now, it is called the Shower Manager and best of all, it is here now!

Loose The Stress!
No longer will your kids be late for soccer practice, school or the dinner table because of excessive showering.
No longer will family members wait in line, with worn nerves, only to end up with a cold shower.
No longer will you see hundreds of gallons of water going down the drain, taking your money with it. Buy Your Shower Timer Today!

Check the shower timer savings calculator to see just how much you will save using the Shower Manager. or better yet,
Get your Shower Timer Today!

Have a Good Morning
Relax and let the Shower Manager remind the kids to get out of the shower...

How does it work? The Shower Manager in action watch the video.
See the video.
Really Does Pay for It'self
" We installed your Shower Manager device last August. What an unbelievable change; there is no more fighting, no more yelling, no more pounding on the bathroom door. Sanity has returned to my house. My husband says the water and heating bills aren't nearly as big. It is worth well beyound what we paid. "
Doris, Ohio
" We were always fighting over the bathroom and shower, if you were at the end of the line you got a cold shower. Now (with the Shower Manager) we each enjoy a certain amount of time in the shower, before the Shower Manager reminds us that it is time to get out. This has stopped the shower hogging and the constant fighting over long showers while others are in line."
Lindsey (19 yr. old daughter)
" I like how the Shower Manager lets me finish rinsing the soap out of my hair if I'm running behind. And the mornings seem to go better when my sister and I are not fighting."
Lacey (14 yr. old daughter)

Don't go another morning without the Shower Timer that gets the kids out of the shower for you.Get your Shower Timer Today!

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