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No More Shower Time Madness!

The Shower Manager shower timer gives you the means to control shower times in a subtle, yet effective manner. Gone is the half-eaten breakfast, missing is the family strife, and gone are the bulging water and heating bills. Your mornings will be replaced with peace and harmony . . . a feeling of satisfaction and contentment. And perhaps the best news of all; no more cold water showers!

How it Works

As the head-of-the household, you lock-in one of three full-flow settings, 5, 8 or 11 minutes. Let's say you select the 11 minute setting; sixty-seconds before this time expires, an audible tone (a beep) alerts the bather that the flow is soon to change. And change it does, cutting the water flow by two-thirds or leaving just enough to rinse, but not enough to encourage continued showering.

A five minute reset interval prevents the shower taker from extending the shower. If you can install a shower head, you can have the Shower Manager installed, programmed, and ready for a showering in less than 10 minutes. If you are inclined to calculate the savings, visit the shower saving calculator. This handy tool can show you just how big the dollar savings can be by just cutting showering times. To really fine tune the savings, have a recent water bill handy. See how shower timers are in the news and watch the videos.

Our Shower Timer is Unique, Nothing Like it!

The Shower Manager shower timer is unique; there is no other shower timer and flow control device like it. Its patented protected functionality allows you to enjoy a full-flow shower without restriction for a reasonable time frame. No need to use a low-flow showerhead, no need to knock on the door, no more pleading, no more yelling . . . our fully automated shower timer takes care of the problem for you.

Pays for Itself in less than a Year!

Our shower timer can be so effective in controlling shower times, you can recover the cost of the unit with the savings in less than one-year. To see what your pay-back period is: Shower Saving Calculator.

Buy with Confidence

The Shower Manager shower timer comes with a 90-Day Full Satisfaction Warranty. This means, you can return the unit within 90 days of purchase for a full refund if not completely satisfied. The Shower Manager shower timer can become part of your daily "green" living. Show the world you care and do yourself a big favor at the same time.

Uses - Homes to Hospital Ships

The Shower Manager has found its way into thousands of homes and is used in dorms, motels, hospital ships, rec centers, zoos, country clubs, etc. It is fast becoming a must item as previous efforts to effectively control runaway showering have been disappointing.

The Shower Manager is an exclusive product offering of the Shower Manager, LLC. You will not find it in retail outlets. It is made in Loveland, CO at the Peak Engineering and Automation facility. To purchase the Shower Manager, you needn’t go any further; you can place your order on this site. Just press the link and take advantage of our special and soon you can eliminate the hassles and family strife of runaway showering.

New Shower Timer Really Works

Save Water, Energy and Money with the Easy Shower Timers

Many parents are sick and tired of the wasteful and excesssive showering habits of their teenage children and are looking to do something about it. Many more heads-of-household are frustrated by the high costs of energy and water and are always looking to slash household expenses where they can. The proactive parents have found the solution in the form of the high tech Shower Timer that promises to save water, energy and money by stopping escessively long showers.
How Much Can Shower Timers Save Your Family?

New Shower Timer Stops Family Feuds

Are shower hogs and cold showers causing you grief in your daily routine? Are you constantly dealing with fighting and feuding over the shower and bathroom? Well put a stop to that shower hogging and stop all the crying, whining and complaining aswell. It is easy with the Shower Manager hi-tech Shower Timer that lets you choose the shower time limit that best fits your family. There is no reason to feel guilty, because everyone using that shower is automatically allotted the same amount of shower time. With everyone getting an equal share of hot water the kids will have to find something else to fight about. Stop all the bickering around the bathroom with the easy and effective Shower Timer.

The Only Shower Timer with Time Management Skills

Have you ever:
  • Stood by the bathroom door with a kitchen timer?
  • Had to repeat yourself over and over to "Finish Up & Get Out!"?
  • Had to turn off the hot water to inspire a prompt exit?
  • Been subjected to whining and complaining about your interventions?
  • Wished that there was a way to teach the kids to take shorter showers without your attention?
There is a solution, in the form of a smart Shower Timer that dutifully trains your teens limit their shower time.

The Fair and Just Shower Timer

  • How do you set fair time limits?
  • How do you monitor any limits you set?
  • How do you prevent any cheating?
  • How many times have you wished there was a way to give everyone in your family a fair portion of the available hot water?
Finally there is an automated way for you maintain equal shower times for everyone in the family.

Life Lessons from Shower Timers

There is an easier way to teach your children to take shorter showers! It is the only fully automatic shower timer makes it easy for you to consistently enforce shorter showers and develop better bathroom habits with out your direct intervention. So start the lessons right away with your new Shower Manager Shower Timer!

See how Shower Timers are in the news and watch the video.

With drought conditions all over the world the time of the Shower Timers is here.
Read the Shower Timer headlines from around the world. Tired of all the fighting, whining, and unnecessary expenses? Get Your Shower ManagerShower Timer Today! Buy Your Shower Timer Today!

Have a Good Morning
Relax and let the Shower Manager remind the kids to get out of the shower...

How does it work? The Shower Manager in action watch the video.
See the video.

Really Does Pay for It'self
" We installed your Shower Manager device last August. What an unbelievable change; there is no more fighting, no more yelling, no more pounding on the bathroom door. Sanity has returned to my house. My husband says the water and heating bills aren't nearly as big. It is worth well beyound what we paid. "
Doris, Ohio
" We were always fighting over the bathroom and shower, if you were at the end of the line you got a cold shower. Now (with the Shower Manager) we each enjoy a certain amount of time in the shower, before the Shower Manager reminds us that it is time to get out. This has stopped the shower hogging and the constant fighting over long showers while others are in line."
Lindsey (19 yr. old daughter)
" I like how the Shower Manager lets me finish rinsing the soap out of my hair if I'm running behind. And the mornings seem to go better when my sister and I are not fighting."
Lacey (14 yr. old daughter)

Don't go another morning without the Shower Timer that gets the kids out of the shower for you.Get your Shower Timer Today!

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